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Garage Door Repair

Did you know that your garage door should be serviced annually to maintain optimal performance?  Whether it’s a broken torsion spring, broken roller or hinge, or just poorly balanced, a faulty garage door is not only an inconvenience… it can be a serious safety concern.   Don’t get stuck in your garage!  Contact us for a fast garage door repair.  We can usually come out to repair your garage door the same day.  Don’t wait until the morning to get you garage door repair scheduled, book online at your convenience.  One of our experienced technicians will complete your garage door repair with precision and A1 customer service!

Replacement Sections

You never thought it would happen to you… until it did. You hit your garage door. It happens more often than you think. Often times the door can easily be repaired by replacing a garage door panel (or two). Contact us to find out about replacement garage door sections.



If your garage door seems to be opening slowly or making a lot of noise, it may be in need of service or replacement.



California law now requires that all new garage door openers have a battery back-up system. We carry a large selection of garage door openers that meet these new requirements.

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